February 2016 Prayer Calendar

February Prayer Gram 

Dear Prayer Partners,

 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God." (Mark 10:27, ESV)

Greetings from Senegal

Thank you so much for praying for the Mandinka, our team, and this volunteer team from Hunter Street.  They left the states in the midst of the blizzard.  They boarded their plane early, but had to sit on the runway for some time for deicing.  We are so grateful for God’s provision and protection.  One of the members had a conversation with a Senegalese from another people group during the flight.  He was very surprised to find that they would be working among the Mandinka, because they are known for their staunch faith.  We are in a God-sized task.  This was such a great reminder that we are God’s vessels and this is His battle.  Let us be faithful to tell the Good News wherever he leads us and leave the results with the Father.

January Team

This team did a great job.  We spent two days including the night in DjT and two days in BN.  They divided into three groups.  Each group visited in compounds, spending time getting to know the people and their needs. Stories from God’s Word that spoke to the issues were shared in the compounds.  After praying for the compound, each group had a medical person that treated wounds and physical ailments.  There is a small hospital in BN that the team donated some bandages and supplies to on the last day.  We pray that the love that was shown in the name of Christ will break down strongholds that have been a barrier to the Gospel.  We also pray for the young people that followed throughout the villages and heard many stories from the Word, will come to know the truth.

February Team

We are looking forward to another team from Hunter Street, coming in a few weeks.  They will be working in some new, more rugged areas.  We are praying and seeking the Lord’s direction in where he would have us to reach out.  Some of the villages in our area have begun to resist the Gospel.  There is still much work to be done in Sed, but we are looking across the river as well as in The Gambia.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will go before this team as well as call out more workers to join in this task of sharing the Gospel with the Mandinka.

Dickinson Family:

January was a good month with friends visiting and a meeting in Ziguinchor that provided fun poolside visits, but it was also a month of fighting viruses.  Please pray for good health for the family as they get back on track with language, school, and visiting with neighbors and the villages.  You will need to ask Josh about his night in the village and the “lonely” bull or should I say, “noisy”.  Please lift them up as they continue to progress in language and minister among the Mandinka.

Kelly Family:

Richard had a wonderful visit with his Mom in early January.  He also was able to see our boys and Emily and Aaron, and my parents.  We appreciate you lifting up our family with so much distance.   Daniel is to start a new job next week in addition to going to nursing school.  Patrick is in the spring semester of his senior year and pursuing a career with the Marines.  Please pray for each of us to stay focused on Christ in all situations.
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