July 2016 MNK Prayer Calendar

July Prayer Gram 

Dear Prayer Partners,



Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul (Psalms 66:16, ESV).

Flame Tree

Greetings from Sedhiou!  We are finally starting to get some rain.  It is coming near the end of Ramadan, so that is a relief for most of the people.  They were hoping the rains would come after the holiday because they didn’t want to start the hard work until after the fasting.  The heat and humidity has been building, so the rains have brought some welcome relief.  The attached picture is a picture of a Flame tree that bloomed before the rains.  God’s creation continues to reveal his majesty!

What has God done for you?

Ramadan, the fasting month started just as we returned to Sedhiou from our vacation.  It is always challenging to minister during this time.  We want to be respectful, but there is such an urgency to get the Gospel into the ears and hopefully the hearts of the people.  The Psalms are always a good choice. ...


Richard is working on a discipleship opportunity with one of our believers who has reached out for some help.  Some of this will have to be done from long distance.  Please pray for the commitment to do assignments. There will also be a time that the believer will be here in Sed. Please pray for these logistics, as well, for time to study/walk side by side.   

Kelly Family

Thank you for praying for our family.  Our son, Alex began his third deployment last week.  Please remember he and his wife and son, Emily and Aaron.  Being apart is never easy.  Daniel is continuing to progress in Nursing School.  Patrick is working this summer and pursuing a career with the Marines.  Richard and I will be traveling much of July.  We will be attending a meeting with fellow workers.  We can’t say much about the travels, but please be in prayer for a time of worship, edification, and fellowship.


Thank you for continuing to support and pray for missions. Some days it would be so easy to just quit, but your prayers sustain us.  Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for loving the Mandinka people.


Your sister in Christ,

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