May Prayer Calendar

May Prayer Gram 

Dear Prayer Partners,
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31, ESV)


Greetings to you from Sedhiou.  We are in the middle of our hot, hot and dry, dry season.  Thank you so much for lifting up the Mandinka people and our team.  We are counting our blessings with fans and cold water.  We usually take ice when we go to the village.  Most of the villages do not have electricity.  It is fun to watch the children’s faces when they drink the cold water or get a small chunk of ice.  Living here brings to life verses that refer to thirsting for righteousness.  We are praying our friends will truly thirst for righteousness and find satisfaction in God’s Word. 

Why did He have to die?

I had a pleasant encounter a couple of weeks ago.  As we were finishing our Bible story and discussion, a young woman came over to the group.  Her mother often comes to the group.  The...

Mandinka Team

Please continue to pray for the Dickinson's as they are traveling and transitioning during their Stateside Assignment.  Even though there is lots of fun, it can be very tiring on young ones.  Pray for sweet family reunions and rest.  Richard and I will be traveling in May.  We are excited to be going to Patrick’s graduation.  We will be enjoying catching up with family and friends along the way.  Please pray for travel mercies and sweet times of fellowship.

Thank You

Your sister in Christ,

Fran for the Mandinka team

Josh and Trisha
Richard and Fran
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