February MNK Prayer Calendar

February Prayer Gram

Dear Prayer Partners,

I will give to the LORD the thanks due to his righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the LORD, the Most High. (Psalms 7:17, ESV)

Answered Prayers!!

Thank you so much for your prayers for The Gambia and completion of their election results.  The former president ruled for 22 years.  He initially accepted defeat, which surprised anyone who is familiar with his rule.  Later he recanted and refused to step down.  Through many negotiations, he finally left the country.  It was a true win for the country.  The Mandinka are the majority of the population of The Gambia.  Please continue to pray for spiritual and political freedoms.

The Task

Also, thank you for praying for the team from Hunter Street.  They are real troopers.  They had long flights, and a road trip that “should” have taken 8-9 hours turned into around 15 hours.  Yet, they got up and went to the village Monday morning as if they were well rested.  They shared the Gospel, prayed for many, and shared good hygiene information.  Please pray that the people of DjT will continue to wrestle with the question of how sins are forgiven. Please pray for the rest of the time that the team is here.  Pray that hearts will be changed.
Thank you for making a difference with your prayers!

Your sister in Christ,

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