May 2017 Prayer Calendar

May Prayer Gram

Dear Prayer Partners,


But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, (Matthew 6,17, ESV).


Greetings from Sedhiou!  We are a little hotter, drier, and dustier, but we rejoice in knowing we are children of the King!!  We pray that our friends and neighbors here in this region will soon realize they are on the road to destruction and will seek the only one who can save them. The fasting month will begin towards the end of May or early June.  It all depends on the moon.  Please pray as the MNK try to make themselves “clean” that they will realize only God can do that.  Thank you for being a part of the ministry among the Mandinka people. 

BN Update

We have news to share from BN.  I shared with you the physical condition of the village chief. He died on April 8.  I am not aware of him regaining consciousness before he died.  His wives will be in mourning for forty days.  It is a terribly hot time of the year to have to sit in the house all day.  Also the village after the time of mourning has passed will select the next chief.  Please pray that this person will be a person of peace and a bridge rather than a gate keeper.  Also in BN please continue to lift up the young girl that we shared who was burned.  She is better, but still has some places that have not healed completely.  Please continue to pray that those in her compound will soften there hearts to the truth.


A couple of weeks ago, Richard had the opportunity to meet with six men for a couple of days of discipleship.  We hope this is the first of many times that they will come together to study and encourage one another.  IS was one of the six, and he brought the group together.  Please pray that they will spend time in prayer and the Word daily, and boldly share their faith.  We were so encouraged to see these men discussing scripture passages, and desiring to be grounded in the faith.


This is the time of year that many villages and towns host all night meetings where they read their book.  It is a time that people look forward to because there is lots of fellowship and good food.  The people see their travel and food expenses as a “sacrifice” so they justify their expense even though other needs go un met.  From our perspective it is frustrating when you see the needs among so many families.  Richard often reminds me that we cannot expect lost people to live godly lives.  Please pray that many will see that men are being glorified not God in these all night meetings.  People give to “religious” leaders who are honored guests, hoping to gain blessings.

Moving Forward

We have recently been given the task to begin getting the property in Farafenni ready for a training facility.  This is a dream that we have had for some time.  We are tasked with the early stages of this project, but we are thrilled to be moving forward.  This is a central location for the majority of MNK believers.  It is a place that we pray will be used for discipleship/leadership training as well as one day training expat believers who want training in culturally appropriate evangelism skills.

Thank You

Thank you again for lifting up the MNK, our team, and our family in prayer. 

Your sister in Christ,
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