June MNK Prayer Calendar

June Prayer Gram

Dear Prayer Partners,

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. (John 1:17, ESV)

Escaping the heat

Greetings from beautiful South Carolina.  Our youngest son graduated from college, giving Richard and me the “excuse” to leave a very hot month of May in Senegal.  We are having a great time visiting family and friends.  We are grateful for these opportunities. 


For our neighbors and friends in Senegal, ready or not, Ramadan, the fasting month, will begin in June.  Many of you know this is a fast that begins at sunrise and ends each day at sunset.  Each family has much pressure to participate and have the “proper” meal to break- fast each evening.  This is a time that many people read or sit and listen while someone else reads their religious book.  They believe there is power in hearing the recited word.  As many are trying to seek God please pray that the Holy Spirit will send dreams that reveal Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Pray that families will be drawn into the kingdom.

Team Changes

We have some sad team news to share.  After the Dickinson family returns from their stateside assignment, they will move to the capital.  With all of the changes that have happened in our company, there was a need for a nurse.  Trisha will be taking that position, while Joshua will be working with the Urban team.  Selfishly we are sad and going to miss them, but we know that their gifts will be used in great ways in these new positions. Please continue to pray for the Dickinsons, as they are enjoying time with their family and being refreshed. 

Kelly Family

Thank you so much for lifting our family.  Please pray for Alex, Emily, and Aaron.  Alex is away a lot with the Navy.  Please pray that they will keep Christ in the center of their family.  Please pray for Daniel as he works and continues in nursing school.  Please pray for Patrick as he navigates his summer and pursues a career with the marines.

Thank You

Thank you for continuing to undergird the ministry among the Mandinka people. 

 Your sister in Christ, 

Fran Kelly
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