April Prayer Calendar

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Dear Prayer Partners,

 Jesus said to him, "Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." John 20:29

We hope that each of you had a blessed Easter.  We had a great time of worship and partook of the Lord’s Supper as we worshipped corporately with our teammates and a team from Hunter Street. We were so excited that this group was willing to come here to share with the Mandinka during their Spring Break.  We pray that soon, many Mandinka will be celebrating the Risen Lord!!

Camping in Feb.

We wanted to catch you up on the Hunter Street team that came out near the end of February through early March.  This team of three, IS, and Richard camped out in a village across the river from our town.  The had several villages treat them with great suspicion, and others that were interested in “stuff”, but then they found a very welcoming village.  They had lots of opportunities to share the Good News.  Some of the men participated in discussions and demonstrated a good understanding of Jesus, based on the Bible stories they presented.  Richard and IS, made a plan to show the Jesus film there in April. 


After a night back in SED, the team headed to Gambia.  They again encountered some opposition to the Gospel.  One village said the team could stay, but not say anything, because if someone became a follower of Christ, the chief and religious leader would be condemned.  So the team said they would move on to another place.  They did find another village, but it was not as open as TBJ.  In this society, even one or two people can disrupt an opportunity to teach.  It is very important to have the appearance of peace, so if one or two people begin to stir up discontent, the village chief is often pressured to stop the situation.  We are often reminded that it is the Holy Spirit who will draw people to Him.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lift this veil of darkness.

Back to TBJ

Richard went back to TBJ for a follow-up visit.  He found the chief, but most of the men were away, so he made a plan to meet the following week.  When Richard went back the chief wasn’t there.  The chief was embarrassed, because some of the men in the village spoke against the teachings of Jesus, and said they didn’t want that in their village.  This really made us sad, because we know that there are some, including the chief who want to hear more.  We will be including some names from this village in the calendar.  Please join us in lifting up the village and to pray against Satan’s hold on the ones who sow discontent.   Please pray that those who want to hear will be able to hear through proclaimers that were left there as well as the Sila Tilindingo broadcast.

English Club

We had fun and excitement over Easter break.  Joshua worked with an English teacher to arrange for some students in the English club to meet with a team from Hunter Street.  This team of seven was ready for the task.  They had lots of activities ready to help the students learn some English, have fun, and most importantly, learn about Christ.  One of the favorite activities was kick ball, and yes, it was very hot!  They showed the movie, “God’s Not Dead” in three parts and used words from the movie to study vocabulary. Friendships were made and barriers were crumbled.

Dickinson Family

We are packing up for our first Stateside assignment!  We have finished homeschooling on time and are not preparing to say all of our "see you laters."  Please be praying for our family as we travel-for good flights, good times reconnecting with our families and time to share with churches about our ministry here among the Mandinka peoples the last 4 years.  Thank you for everyone who has been praying for our family during this first term.  We have been very blessed by you!

Kelly Family

We enjoyed catching up with our family over Easter.  Please keep Alex, Emily, and Aaron in your prayers.  Navy life is never dull, but tough on family time.  Daniel is in the middle of a school term and working a couple of jobs.  Patrick is getting close to the end of his last semester at Liberty.  Where has the time gone!  Please pray for Daniel and Patrick as they continue to pursue their career goals. 

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The April calendar is below.  Thank you for lifting up these requests.  Sorry for filling up your inboxes!
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